Matxa physical therapist specialize in shoulder pain

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What is the specialty of Matxa Physiotherapy?

In modern life, intense work, high learning is one of the causes of stress, fatigue and pain in the neck. These symptoms are usually seen in people who work in the office.

The main cause of this disease is the damage of the vertebrae, musculoskeletal, ligaments, blood vessels, circulatory disorders due to excessive stretching of the nerves. Therefore, drug therapy is only suitable for patients with degenerative vertebrae or skeletal muscles. For the rest, physiotherapy regimen will work better.


Matxa physical therapy is a painful treatment for shoulder pain, effective joints.

Matxa physiotherapists use the massage movements, acupressure reflexology with the effect of essential oils to relax, refresh mental and at the same time to reduce pain, regulate muscle, blood circulation, pull stretching the spine. Regular physical therapy sessions twice a week can help prevent and treat effective back pain.

Although many spa today also have massage services, acupressure, but not many addresses that have the ability to physiotherapy.Massage, acupressure will be very good if the examination and treatment but the disease will be dangerous if the technician does not do the right technique. Pressing the wrong acupuncture will make the pain more severe, progressive and difficult to treat.

Matxa physiotherapist and Huong Sen Health Care Center

Huong Sen Health Care Center has been a trusted place for anyone over the past 25 years who has the need for physiotherapy, relaxation and recovery after the hardships of life.

Huong Sen is the place where experienced physiotherapists are trained and trained under the guidance of Professor Nguyen Tai Thu and Center Director Pham Thi Hoa.

As a specialist in traditional medicine in Vietnam, the remedies and methods of physiotherapy massage by Professor Nguyen Tai Thu has been handed down and brought back to health for everyone.

Huong Sen after 25 years of experience in traditional massage , physiotherapy massage, health care has been twice awarded the certificate of merit of Hanoi Health Department and the absolute best customer. .

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Matxa physiotherapy in Huong Sen is the leading prestige address today.

Not only ensure the prestige in experience and methods, Huong Sen convergence the dedicated people with professional service, thoughtful. With the quality of service has been highly appreciated, Huong Sen is considered as an indispensable destination for foreigners visiting Hanoi and learning about traditional Vietnamese massage .

With a quiet space with pleasant aroma of herbs, customers will feel pampered from the leading health care services in Huong Sen through 6 steps:

Step 1: (3 minutes)

Bath warm, cleansing dead cells help cleanse the body.

Step 2: (7-10 minutes)

Soak a wooden tub with herbal high water, help dispel fatigue, back pain and sciatica.

Step 3: (7-10 minutes)

Soak a Jacuzzi with water, pine, safflower, skin healing, toning, inflammation, sedation.

Step 4: (5-7 minutes)

Dry, wet and soaked in ginger juice, help toxins in the body, fight the flu.

Step 5: (3 minutes)

Water bath is a medicine to warm the body, fight infection, stimulate body regulation.

Step 6: (60 -70 minutes)

Matxa physical therapy by skilled technicians skilled and dedicated service, help you no longer feel the aches and balance body shape. At this step, you will be the professional hands of experts to perform massage, acupressure to help dispel fatigue and repel diseases such as aching shoulders, back pain, rheumatism …

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Matxa physiotherapists at Huong Sen are made by skilled professionals.

After the physiotherapy massage, Huong Sen’s customers will be able to enjoy the dishes from the medicine to help recover and enhance health such as: hot pot goats, fish porridge, porridge, duck eggs Flip wormwood … soft drinks with health drinks: water, vegetable juice …

Matxa physical therapy in Huong Sen helps bring health and mental well-being to relieve the sorrows in life. This is also an ideal place for the whole family to enjoy the holiday fun, meaning together.

For more information on Huong Sen’s massage services, please visit:


Address: 49 Thai Thinh, Dong Da, Hanoi

Phone: 043 8533798


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