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Matxa cure has long been an effective method of health care for people. Today, as life improves, more people are paying more attention to their health. And for the prevention of diseases as well as the treatment of some diseases of bone, joints, back pain … people have chosen to heal treatment in health care centers or professional spa centers.

What is Matxa cure?

Matxa cure is a method of using the press, press, focusing on the acupuncture points to relax, circulation of blood to help the body refreshed, dispel fatigue in life, and affect the Acupuncture points to improve the condition of the disease.

Matxa is considered one of the simplest forms of health care since antiquity. Today, massage therapies have made many changes to fit into life. However, traditional healing therapies are still popular among physiotherapists.


Matxa is considered one of the simplest forms of health care since antiquity

Because it is a traditional massage therapy, it requires the technician to have deep knowledge and understanding of the human body structure, as well as to grasp the movement, the relationship between body parts. . To cure the diseases caused by the lack of balance of blood, stress, distraction or diseases of the muscles, bones, joints, back …

Matxa cure – how to prevent dangerous diseases

Not only help the body relax the healing massage also help improve many human diseases such as:

Matxa cures nervous stress, stress, psychological abnormalities

We all know stress, stress is the cause of depression or psychological instability. These symptoms, if left untreated, will affect the body’s health, cause psychological disturbances, and even cause suicide.

Matxa daily will help the body relaxed, the psyche is relaxed by the gentle action on the body and the acupuncture points, nerves.The essential oils used in the healing process also help to keep the mind calm and refreshed.

Matxa cures nervous stress, stress, psychological abnormalities

Matxa cures psoriasis

The neurological factor is one of the triggers of psoriasis, so using healing therapies is a way to keep the disease from progressing worse. Because of the reduced activation of nerve stimulation to the nerves, the positive effects of psoriasis are reduced. Matoxa also helps to circulate blood to the skin better, soften the skin and reduce the risk of horny degeneration. In addition, when the massage therapists will combine with some moisturizing oils to help moisturize the skin, soothe the skin, limiting skin peeling discomfort.

Matxa cure depression repress

The appropriate healing massage therapy will help the body to rest, relax and increase the activity of oxytocin hormones to help refresh the spirit and gradually repel depression.

Matxa healing bone joints

Matxa cure both muscular impact and bone strength. When the back, shoulders, nape of the joints stretch the muscles will help expand and relax the joints in the spine. The pain when the massage will gradually reduce. Matxa cure will limit the risk of illness while supporting the treatment of shoulder pain, back, neck, spinal spine, abdominal discontinuation, degenerative joints …


Matxa healing bone joints

Matxa healing involves blood circulation

Matxa healing by the day, massage presses along with herbal essential oils will naturally stimulate the blood vessels under the skin, improving blood circulation capacity in the body. Since then, the body is more healthy and repels pathologies such as blood pressure drop, blood gas instability, blood circulation slow …

At present, spa and health care centers have been applying many massage therapies, so you can easily find the appropriate massage centers. In Hanoi, people are sharing their experiences with Huong Sen Health Care Center to enjoy a relaxing moment with traditional physiotherapy treatments and enjoy healthy, nutritious meals. Health in a quiet, airy space, fresh.


Experience massage services at Huong Sen Massage (Huong Sen Tai Thu)

Come to Huong Sen to come to the slogan of health is all. In the midst of peaceful and pure space is the room with the massage services, sauna will help you feel the relaxation, recovery and health after hours of hard labor.

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